Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging uses infrared technology to pinpoint areas that are unseen by the human eye.  Infrared cameras detect and visually display temperature differences which can be translated into hot and cold spots.  These temperature differences provide us with a wealth of information.    Using this technology we are able to assess the weather tightness of a building which is essential in determining the “heat” or “cooling load” of a structure.  The “load” of the building is necessary to know for proper sizing of the air conditioning equipment.


Thermal imaging also allows us to locate leaks of air, water and even mold growth in walls.  By locating large temperature variances in a wall, using the infra red technology,  we can pinpoint leaks or determine if there is biological growth present.


Thermal apt and bw comparison 750.350

Building Heat Loss

A comparison of a color photograph and superimposed infrared image illustrates where heat is lost in an apartment building.  The scale on the right of the infrared image shows high to cooler temperatures with red being hot down to blue which is cool.

 Major heat loss in this building is indicated around the front door windows, roof line, soffets and below the balcony.  Notice how the shadow changes the heat loss in the building.

Window and radiator Comparison

The image to the right shows two sets of windows, the black and white picture gives a reference for the windows and radiator.  


Red indicates hot spots and blue are cooler.  By reviewing these images, you can see where heat is escaping and cool air infiltrating this area.

window comparison bw and therm 750.350
Cold air entering through french doors

Cool Air Loss French Doors

This summer time infra red picture displays the loss of cold air in a house with poor weatherstripping.  The blue color is the cold air escaping between the doors.  

There is a piece of  weatherstripping missing at the bottom of these two french doors allowing the cold air to escape.  This loss of cold air is large enough to be felt with a bare hand.


A thermal image of your best friend.  His nose is black  and dark blue, indicating a relatively cool temperature.

Dog infrared